Snowy fun

IMG_0857IMG_0780IMG_0848 croppedIMG_0863Boulder is getting a great storm this weekend, and some friends and I decided to go out and play this morning.

We did a loop over in the NCAR area – on Skunk Canyon and the Mesa Trail.  Fortunately, the snow wasn’t too deep as of this morning, so we were able to run most of it.  But there were parts with bizarrely jello-like snow covered mud that kept us entertained.

One of my favorite things about running with these girls is how much fun we have.  Sure, we live in a beautiful area, and that’s epic in itself, but it’s so wonderful to have a group to run with, and enjoy the experience at the same time.  Sure, we’re slow, but we’re stopping to enjoy the beauty, do goofy photoshoots, and make snow angels.  Not every run has to be some butt-kicking experience.

Now it’s time to hunker down with pjs and a blanket, and enjoy the beautiful snow swirling outside my window, and the warm pup sprawled across my lap.

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