The Road to 100 Begins Again

You may have noticed there was never a Run Rabbit Run 100 mile race report last September.

The week before the race, I went for a “confidence boosting” midnight run with my main pacer.  3/4 of a mile down the trail, we saw some really creepy eyes, which we later figured out to be a mountain lion, watching us from about 30 feet away.  We decided to slowly back our way back to the car and run on the roads instead.  Unfortunately, as we were returning to the car, I rolled and sprained my ankle.

I went back and forth on this the whole week.  But when it really came down to it, I couldn’t run 100 miles on it that following weekend.  I had to make the call two days before the race, and I was completely shattered.  It was such a hard call to make – especially since I was capable of running, just not 100 miles.  I couldn’t justify the lodging expense, plus the time commitment from my crew, when I knew that the odds of me actually getting past 10-20 miles were practically zero.

So 2016 it is.  The other day, I registered for the Run Rabbit Run 100 yet again.

I’ve been mostly out of commission for the past few months – busy with school and traveling for the holidays.  But now things are getting back into a more normal routine, and I’m working on getting back to my better running habits of days past.  For now, my focus is to get those habits back and build a solid base.  Then I’ll be adding in speed and hill work as we get into the spring.

Over the last few years, I’ve found that I stick to my training much better when I write regularly.  Writing helps me reflect on what I’ve done, what I need to do, what’s working, and what isn’t.  Plus, it also helps keep me accountable.  With that in mind, I will be writing a weekly training recap as I get myself ready for the 2016 Run Rabbit 100.

So here we go!