Road to 100: Week 4 Recap

Monday:  Theme of the day: DOMS is a bitch.  I spent the day stiffly wandering around work and trying to roll out and stretch out my quads and hamstrings.  I haven’t done strength training in a long time, so I was really feeling that workout from Sunday.

Tuesday:  Speedwork day!  The intervals today were twice as long as the previous session, and I was feeling it.  But they were still manageable.  I’ve enjoyed running on the indoor track instead of a treadmill.  Besides boring me to tears, I feel like my gait changes on a treadmill, and it’s not quite the same.  Afterwards, I made sure I stretched and did some planks before heading home.  I’m trying to get in the habit of stretching after my workouts, since I’ve been horrible about that for years.

Wednesday:  Today was a short tempo day.  I took the dogs out for this run around the neighborhood to enjoy the beautiful afternoon.  Jade wasn’t loving the tempo part of the run, but she held on!  This workout felt way short compared to my usual, but I keep reminding myself to just stick with what Michele has written, and trust the plan.  Quality, not quantity.  🙂  I definitely ended the evening considering adding in some swim and bike miles as well though.

Thursday – Saturday:  Beautiful days in Boulder!  I was hardcore itching to get out on a trail and just run my brains out, but instead spent the whole time analyzing samples in windowless rooms.  Woooooooooo…  Trying to crank out this paper before the conference in March is really killing my running productivity.

Sunday:  Ski day at Loveland!  It wasn’t a run, but I definitely got a good workout in nonetheless.  I was hoping to knock out something when I got home, but by the time we got back it was getting dark and I was totally wiped out.  I ended up sleeping for 11 hours that night.  Yowza.

What worked well this week:  I started the week out strong, and got my workouts in as written.  Things fell by the wayside when I let my work stress take over.

What didn’t work well this week:  Not being as productive as I would like at work.  This caused my running time to get eaten up by more work as the week went on.

What I struggled with:  I’m trying to not add in extra mileage and just trust Michele’s low volume start.  I feel like I should be running more – my standard weekday run is usually around 6 miles or so, so anything less than that feels weird.

What I will do to improve next week:  Be more efficient at work and keep the distractions to a minimum.  This means socializing, random internet browsing, etc.

Total weekly mileage:  NOT ENOUGH.  Let’s not even talk about it this week.

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